Будинок мрії

Сонячна резиденція

Our design studio was established in 2008

We love it for its chamber and comfort.
We work together on every project here

Kyiv Studio
on Lvivska square

We like to experimentalize, play with trends and traditions, and we always try to find our own way

Kyiv Studio
on Lvivska square

Kyiv's Lviv square is one of the oldest in the city, remaining the most modern one at the same time

Each our project is unique. For creating a comfortable space we carefully study our customers lifestyle
Architecture is like a canvas, which contains every little or big story, that has been written by the colors of humans life.
The future picture depends on the boundaries and the shape of the space, the feelings and emotions of its owner

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Our proficiency gives us an ability to predict the impact of all key factors while creating the space

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How to work with an architect

We will briefly tell
you how to work
over an architectural project most effectively.

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