Architecture & Interiors

Roman and Dmytro Seliuk

Design Studio



We are brothers Roman and Dmytro. In 2008 we established a family architectural studio in Kyiv.

We create homes. We design estates and gardens. We design interiors. We develop authentic furniture.

And we want Ukrainian architecture to be recognized in the world by its own style.

Our approach is to respect traditions and preserve identity. We find inspiration at the crossroads of Ukrainian culture and world heritage. We experiment and analyze the experience of generations,  responding to the challenges and expectations of today. But at the same time we care about the integrity and relevanceof architectural solutions, in each project.



Dream - Feeling - Space

We build a project implementation strategy starting from the first step.

We help to define the task. We listen to your wishes. Analyze and draw up a plan. We consult at all stages and we provide communication between all of the people involved - engineers, designers, builders.

It is better to begin cooperating from the moment of creating the concept, so we usually start consulting at the stage of choosing an apartment or a land plot, in order to be on the same level of understanding.

To turn the sense of the future landscape into reality, we study our customers lifestyle,  and try to understand his/her real needs. Your dream is something special for us, because  any dream can change the world, so we work with any budget: from room decorating to designing SPA resorts. And we are always inspired, specially if we have a common mindset with the client. 

We understand what the comfort is and what are the key factors defining it. So we start with senses and feelings moving towards objects and shapes. Our ideas grow out of details and touches, so style and shapes are secondary for us in the beginning, but crucial in the final stages. 

Step by step we turn our mutual creative efforts into outstanding designs.





The interior of the apartment received the first prize in the competition Інтер'єр Року 2017





Swiss editorial Braun publishes Family Chapel project in book "Masterpieces: Sacred Architecture + Design"