Art. 3

12 Steps to Implement a Project

Briefly About All Steps of Our Cooperation


Each project is unique, and to make it truly unique we use several basic steps that we do together with our clients. This allows us to be free and effective in experimenting with trends and traditions.


Step 1


Acquaintance with the client and getting to know his ideas about the future space. This is a very important stage where we identify the goals of the collaboration, discuss opportunities and options for achieving them


Step 2


Tender participation is important if the project is longterm and more information is needed to make decisions. We propose our own idea of ​​the project and demonstrate the specifics of our vision. At this stage we usually start feeling the beginning of the successful cooperation with the client if our views and creativity meet clients expectations.


Step 3


Adjustment and clarification of the task, its final approval and legal paperwork. It is an important step that helps our customer and us feel confident and clearly understand our common goal and specifications to achieve it.

Step 4


The research stage is the preparation for developing the project solution. We visit the space, evaluate its advantages and disadvantages, take measurements. Check if additional involvement of engineers or geologists is required and inform client about this. This is a stage of paying attention to each detail.

Steps 5, 6 and 7


Three approaches - three meetings - three approvals. This is how we prepare a sketch project. These three approvals and careful discussion of the details help us to be sure that the customer really likes the solutions he/she accepts. We take into consideration all the wishes of the client, refine the task and project. We prepare technical specifications for engineers and designersand take their previous recommendations into the final design. This stage is one of the most important ones because it gives start to  the main stage.

Step 8


This is a full presentation of the future building or interior. A powerful document that outlines everything that needs to be implemented. It allows us to conduct business consultations, to choose a general contractor, to select manufacturers and suppliers of equipment, materials, furniture etc. Based on this Project the general contractor proposes and approves the preliminary budget for the implementation of the project and proposes the work time schedule.

Step 9

Project documentation

Preparation of project documentation or detailed instructions how to implement the Project. It is usually required by the general contractor, as well as by the client if he/she wants to control all stages of the execution of the project and to carry out technical supervision. This is the biggest stage, and the information it contains depends on the complexity of the project.

Step 10

Designers' supervision

During supervision we determine if construction works conform to the project design, and also evaluate the quality of work at the main stages of the project execution.

Step 11


During all stages of cooperation we consult the client and coordinate all processes related to the project execution.

Step 12


We usually support good relationship with our clients after project is  over. Sometimes clients may want to eleborate the interior or garden with seasonal decor, or they just want to improve something, or just want to chat at the fireplace. We are always happy to help because we have a common goal - a birth of a new space that will provide exceptionally pleasant feelings.