Art. 4

How we write our logo



We went to this for a long time, postponed for later. But wrote it quickly. We purposefully dived into the symbolism, meaning and character. The logo was connected with a title that was also difficult to determine. But everything gradually developed in three days.

First - Roman and Dmytro Seliuk. Then we realized that we are not a studio or a bureau. We are just Ukrainian architects. We liked such a simple name and writing a logo took us next evening. Then we added the final accents, changed the thickness and proportions.

We are two persons and that is why the logo is written in two parts - the first letters of our names, and together the letters form a coherent form. It is iconic for Ukrainians. It has a typical combination of straight, curved and sharp lines - an integral part of our millennial national symbol.

We respect the simplicity, lightness and beauty inherent in the Ukrainian style. We profess the values ​​inherent in our DNA. You just need to dive and recognize yourself. Be yourself and ..

Feel at home