Chalet in the Mountains of Carpathians

Travellers' Shelter


Suskovo, Ukraine






A cozy family holiday home is created far from home, among the low Transcarpathian mountains.

We used traditional compositional techniques and materials of local folk architecture in order to create a house that was naturally integrated into the environment


The plot is located on the southern slope of the mountain, which descends to the valley of the river Latorytsia. The house is located along the slope, so that from each room you can admire the magnificent views


The facade of the house is dark to create the impression of an authentic, ancient house. The accent shutters outline the panoramic windows, and the light structure of the gallery eloquently declares the character of the house.


The climate of this region has formed traditional techniques in residential architecture. The heat in summer and a lot of rain at other times of the year have led to the use of high roof removal, which protects from the sun when it hot, and hides the facades in the rainy season, creating a cozy hiding place for contemplation of rain. The completion of the facade by the gallery is also typical for the mountainous part of Transcarpathia


Inside the house, wooden walls, beams, ceilings and decorative details are left untreated and have the texture, color and smell of natural wood. The floor is made of local stone - slate of dark and bright shades, also without finishing.


Naturalness was a defining feature in the selection of interior materials, tactile sensations from the rough floor, pleasant wood had to contrast with the materials familiar to the city



The center of the composition of the interior is the fireplace - a large domed fireplace, around which are the entrance to the house, living room, dining table and kitchen. It unites these spaces and constantly reminds us that it is a hiding place in the mountains - you need to light a fire and admire the panorama of the valley through a large window in the living room or sitting on a bench with pillows by the window in the dining room. This cozy comfortable corner between two chests of drawers is one of the favorites in the house.


On the central wall in the living room hangs a large map showing routes that remind owners of pleasant journeys and inspire new