2009 - 2012

Garden House

Two Characters of One House


Pisky, Ukraine




92 m²


About the place


Natural sandy spit in the swamps in the foothills. Previously, these were places that were flooded, except for the sandy spit. There has long been a settlement, now a hamlet, and in the late twentieth century. several garden societies were established on the natural sandy shores. One of the few plots was undeveloped.


Garden society as one street stretches a long ribbon along the canal. The plot is located at the highest point of the sandy spit. Due to this location, the house will have wonderful panoramic privileges

Green corner on a densely built-up street


The old buildings of the street are quite dense, the houses are built with the same distance from the road. The previous owner of the plot was also going to continue this series and even dug a hole for the basement. But over time, the sand formed the natural basis for the future pond. And the new house is located in the depths of the site. Due to this, the house is in a free space - not in a dense building. In the front yard with the lake creates a special microclimate - sunny and protected from winds

The house is like a garden pavilion


The architecture of the house is partly due to the peculiarity of the location and life scenario. From the street, the house is perceived as a modern two-story building, which is dominated by arrays of walls. The shape and size of the windows clearly correspond to the internal component of the interior and therefore create a certain game on the main facade in which modularity can be traced, but the distinction between the floors is not noticeable


The façade of the house facing the garden is completely glass, only thin white posts emphasize the tectonics of the wooden frame on which the sloping array of the roof rests.


The south wall is massive, stone, designed to absorb the summer heat and match the structure of the street.


The north wall is glass, it is a panorama of the garden, it provides a constantly changing landscape for the main rooms of the house and soft light during the day.


Side facades reveal the secret of the combined structural structure of the house and in the meeting place of different materials created a glass gap - windows



The house is designed so that it has one large open space - hall, living room, kitchen, open staircase to the mezzanine on which is a studio with a library. And there are only two small closed - bathroom and bedroom.


The house has two terraces - one where you can hide from the summer heat and meet the sunrise, the second as a shelter from the north winds and warming in the sun in cold weather





Garden without borders


No matter what part of the house we are in, we must feel that we are in the garden. This is perhaps the most important topic that needs to be supported in all its details.


The house has two completely different facades, two opposite characters. The garden is also designed to meet this. The southern part with a pond, decorated with planting of distinctly southern plants, but which feel good in this climate zone - sycamore, catalpa, sumac, magnolia, as well as lavender corner is complemented by appropriate herbs.


Most of the garden seen from the panoramic windows has a more complex structure - fruit trees that bloom in the spring predominate closer to home, above the water - willow, marsh oaks and maple form the background in support of adult trees in neighboring areas