2016 - 2017

Ukrainian Interior Code

The Apartment With a Secret


Kyiv, Ukraine




100 m²



Mystery - this is what inspired initially: the source of our inspiration was a mystery box. We created a feminine interior with textiles and flowing shapes. We filled it with the mood of Lviv - elements of the "Lviv secession", and also added the design elements of Kyiv public buildings in the mid-twentieth century. 

The main mystery of the style is the wall panel module. It was made differently depending on the purpose: wall panel, cabinet door or door between rooms. To keep the secret box even more mysterious, we used different ways of fixing, different thickness of components, fillers, handles and other details. We combined sophisticated and completely opposite materials in one element: a module of wood and fabric was decorated with majolica and brass. 

Every detail of this project has become a unique experience and a successful experiment for us. And finally all the mysteries of this box with a secret are known to its owner only.